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Mushrooms edible, One of the questions our team gets asked most is: What do I need when going into my first magic mushrooms edibles experience? 

Along with making sure that you feel safe and supported in your set and setting,

here are the top 10 things to have on hand with magic mushrooms edibles, especially if it’s your first time:

How to make mushroom edibles

You might be feeling a range of emotions before you embark on your first magic mushroom experience,

so to ease your mind, first set a clear intention. Take some time to think about why you’ve decided on this experience and what you hope to release and heal,

then write it down in a journal. Also, there may be a lot that may come up during your experience and you’ll want to remember them afterwards. You may quickly forget what actually took place during the experience,

so we highly recommend having a journal on hand to keep track of what happens during your journey. mushrooms edible

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There will be moments during your experience that can be very intense,

so having something like rose water on hand to spray on your face and around you will provide a much-needed sensory relief and give you a more pleasant experience.